Choosing the Finish to your Cabinetry is a Big Decision

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1.) Your first step to picking a cabinet is the cabinet style.  Visit our Door Styles section of our website to pick a cabinet style you love.  We offer framed and full access cabinets, each collection has unique styles.


2.) Next, you’ll choose a wood species.  This choice relies on your use of the cabinetry, so it is good to let your team know exactly what you need.  This is will narrow down what kind of wood species will hold up the best in your scenario.  This choice also impacts the finish choice, so be mindful of base colors of the wood species having an effect on the final product.


3.)  Now you’ll choose a finish.  This is a tricky decision because it mostly relies on the wood species you have chosen for your cabinet.  But this part is fun.  Start with a color.  Are you going light, dark, or somewhere in the middle?  Do you want the features of the wood to be seen or do you like a solid color?  We have many finish types to choose from.



We partner with Sherwin Williams paint pros, you can have any color of your choosing!  Paint is a thick solid coating.  In modern cabinetry designs, paint is seen as a bold statement.  White and Navy are the most popular choices.



A stain is a color that coats and absorbs into the wood.  This technique allows the features of the wood to stand out.  You can choose a light finish to accentuate the wood characteristics, are you can go with a dark stain that allows the wood streaks to be less visible.  Stains come in a wide variety of colors!



If you want to take your cabinetry all the way, explore the variety of finishing techniques that enhance your design!  You can choose from Burn-Through, Glazed, Dry-Brush, or Distressed.



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