Our Mission

To Enhance the Quality of Life:

  • Of our customers by bringing elegant cabinetry into the heart of their homes, where memories will be made and cherished.
  • Of our employees by providing a fun, safe and ever evolving environment to share their gifts.
  • In communities around the country through the dedication of financial and human resources.

Who We Are

Our Vision

To be recognized as a leading elegant cabinet manufacturer throughout the United States with cutting edge design, vast product offering, exceptional customer service, unparalleled craftsmanship, and unique personalization. We accomplish this through the use of technology and a metric-driven culture where accountability and exceptional communication produce significant results.

Champions of the Environment

We recognize that our future is dependent on the responsible use of our environmental resources. OakCraft is committed to being a conscientious corporate citizen. We’re dedicated to environmentally friendly operations, and to a reduce-reuse-recycle philosophy. We conserve natural resources by adhering to this philosophy throughout all operations.

Our eco-friendly practices are meaningful to all stakeholders: employees, customers, and our community. Our goals and measures include air quality, material handling, resource management, and vendor selection.

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